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Part III of Challenges of Launching a Start-Up While Working a Full-Time Gig by Cherod Webber

I left this last point last for a reason. It seems so simple yet I see people throw in the towel when they are so close….

• And lastly, when things become difficult, do not give up. This is the exact moment to become MORE determined. Push forward, be tenacious, you must believe in your own abilities.

Confidence is one attribute that entrepreneurs don’t lack. When you are ready to launch your company, go forward and have confidence in yourself and abilities. I would recommend that you take time to define success and determine what you ultimately want to accomplish. Once you have defined success, develop a sound plan and execute it accordingly considering necessary resources. You will also need to be flexible during this journey and be ready to adjust the plan accordingly. And, you will make mistakes along the way, however, don’t fear failure. Those mistakes are important lessons; Learn from them and become smarter. Set your sights high, be flexible and manage change without losing sight of the long term and ultimate goals.


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