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Achieving financial prosperity is something that most of us dream of, but only very few have managed to accomplish. In fact, the frustrations that stop people from not being able to attract what you want are sometimes so overwhelming that finances have become a topic which many people avoid discussing.

Many claim to hold the key to financial success and overall prosperity, but is it actually possible for anyone to open the door to the prosperity and wealth that all of us seek? Unfortunately, the answer to this question cannot be “yes”, because reaching your maximum potential and succeeding in the business world requires motivation, determination and a strong sense of self confidence, which not everyone possesses. However, we can all learn from other people’s experiences, use some of the most effective motivational tools and seize each and every opportunity that we are presented with.

There is a lot to be said about being financially successful, but one thing is very clear to me. Comprehensive knowledge on money, finance and investments, coupled with motivation and a strong will to succeed is what it takes for any entrepreneur to make it big in today’s increasingly competitive business environment.

My experience in this field has helped me compile a list of the most useful books dedicated to finances and self-motivation, which, in my opinion, are a must-read for all entrepreneurs. Reading these books will not turn you into a finance expert overnight, but it will certainly open new horizons and give you a completely different perspective on how to plunge into the business world and stay ahead of your competition. You will come to understand all the requirements of financial success, from building the right image for yourself and influencing those around you to your advantage, to achieving financial intelligence and fueling the growth of your business.

“Think and Grow Rich”, by Napoleon Hill is a very powerful motivational tool for everyone in pursuit of financial independence and a happy and balanced life. Hill’s biggest seller, “Think and Grow Rich” aims at imparting the author’s comprehensive and valuable knowledge to his readers and making them understand the factors that give certain people an edge over everyone else. The book’s most important topic is making contact with the world around you and changing everyone’s perception of yourself so as to achieve success and prosperity. As Dale Carnegie said, the society classifies everyone according to what we do, how we present ourselves, what we say and how we say it. Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” is an excellent guide to becoming a completely different individual in the eyes of the world and accomplishing your goals of financial success.

Another invaluable tool for unlocking and developing your true potential is Bob Proctor’s “You Were Born Rich”. This book has seen a worldwide recognition as one of the most effective and comprehensive systems of correctly assessing and developing your abilities and talents. “You Were Born Rich” focuses on achieving financial prosperity and outlines some of the most important steps to be taken in order to have great accomplishments and financial independence. From setting realistic expectations, becoming more effective and building the right image in your mind, all the way to truly understanding the concepts of “money” and “risk taking”, this book provides you with all the necessary tools to open the doors for abundance and wealth.

Next on my list is “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. This book, as the title suggests, will teach you everything there is to know about handling and changing people, making them like you and winning them to your way of thinking and eventually becoming a leader. As I stated earlier, Carnegie’s firm belief was that success is highly dependent on the image that you build for yourself. This book aims at helping you change the way that the society assesses and classifies you, so as to achieve prosperity in every aspect of your life.

Another book that can be seen more as a motivational tool rather than a practical guide to success and wealth is Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. This entertaining book reveals the author’s parallel learning experiences from his real father, the poor dad, and his friend’s father, the rich one. “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” offers some very valuable insights on learning about money and investing, as well as on using the right business tactics to attain financial freedom.  To this day, I constantly refer to this book as one that changed my perception of working forever.

 Last, but definitely not least on my list of must-read books for all entrepreneurs is “Never Call Cold Again” by Frank Rumbauskas, a complete guide of the most effective practices of marketing. In this book, independent professionals, salespeople, business owners and entrepreneurs are provided with some of the most powerful tools, tactics and strategies required to build a successful marketing system that will increase sales and boost the growth of your business. The author aims at helping entrepreneurs achieve sales greatness through a variety of revolutionary strategies, whilst forgetting about old and ineffective tactics such as cold calling.  This is one book I just recently finished and the resources in the book are incredibly helpful. “Never Cold Call Again” is going to remain at my side for the next several years as I know I

In closing, I would like to say that it is my firm belief that all these books are very useful tools for everyone who wishes to exceed their potential and be successful in every aspect of their lives, including the financial one. If you have never paid too much attention to finance, these five books might just be the start of your financial independence. On the other hand, if you are already well on the way of understanding money and finances, these books will provide you with a completely new perspective on business tactics and strategies and what it takes to make it big in the world of business.


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