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Check out Interview with Frank Kern and John Reese

This is an insightful interview that Tony Robbins did with Frank Kern and John Reese. Although, they are talking about network marketing, the arguments used in this interview could be attributed to many different industries. 




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Why I Never Thought I Would Work for a Network Marketing Company

I certainly believe that much in life is destiny.  Certain things are left to chance such as finding love or meeting great friends. Other things may be helped by destiny but are generally preordained by preparation.  I am now working for Donald J. Trump with his new network marketing company called The Trump Network. Never in a million years would I have thought that I would have been able to work for him especially in the manner that I do-working as much as I want, with freedom to do as I please and a great income.

My school years were very traditional as I went to a good high school, studied, did decent on my SAT’s and went into a four-year university.  I changed majors three times but finally settled on one thing that I always loved-art history.  As I was rounding my fourth year in college (I did the 5-year plan) I figured I needed to focus on one thing. It was more important for me to just graduate with a degree.

After college I worked for a variety of companies trying to find my way. Five years after college my sister and I started a handbag company which became very successful very quickly.  That company ran for about 6 years and when I left it, I had to decide what to do next.  I had always worked very hard but was getting kind of tired with all the working. Like many people, I had worked nonstop since I was 16. During college, I worked 30+ hours a week while taking 20 units! I was always juggling and multi-tasking ever since I could remember.  I decided to take a little break but financially, I could not rest forever. After all, I am years away from a traditional retiring age. 

Six months into my new schedule, a friend calls me up with excitement in her voice. All I could get from the conversation was Donald Trump, a ‘leap of faith’ and pre-launch.  This friend had always been involved in network marketing and frankly I was not excited to hear what she had to say. But she was persistent and I did sit down one day to listen to the opportunity.  It seemed too good to be true.  

 I did my due diligence and checked everything out. I did a lot of research on the company and on network marketing as a whole  and decided to jump in.  As I wrote earlier, my background was traditional. Both of my parents worked at their jobs for thirty years and retired from their companies with great pensions.  My parents thought it was a leap of faith when we started the handbag company! However, I know now there are alternate ways to make money. I worked for many years sacrificing my family, my sons time and my health by keeping up a hectic pace with the handbag company.  In network marketing, one can work as many hours as one wants. Of course, if you want the big residual checks, one needs to spend time nurturing and training one’s team but it certainly is not a 60 hour week like before. 

I never thought I would be in network marketing because I did not think there was something that was so simple that could provide an income for me.  I am finished with trading my time for money and having somebody else raise my children.  As I write this article on Black Friday, I remember the years I spent working for a major department store while putting myself through college. I do not miss those days that started at 5 AM.  I love my life now and wish that everybody could see the simplicity of this business model. 

If you would like to know more about network marketing and how you can start working for yourself, feel free to contact me at or 323-974-6190.

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How to Know if You Are Mentally Ready to Start a Business

The global economic crisis has brought many hardships that seem to affect almost all the areas of our lives. It is depressing to watch the news as every week we see that the number of companies that have gone bankrupt is rising. This translates into thousands of people getting laid off each week. It has been estimated that from the start of the current global economic crisis well over five million people have been laid off from their jobs. Most of these workers are struggling to get new jobs in the same system but soon fall victim to disillusionment as they are finding that the number of job opportunities available is decreasing in front of their eyes. For these people, and also for students that are finding it difficult to get decent jobs, the idea of setting up their own businesses is more and more appealing.

There are, however, numerous considerations that need to be taken into account before taking the first steps. There are also various qualities that each potential entrepreneur needs to have in order to become successful. It is not nearly enough for a leader to possess the technical know how needed to successfully run a businesses. The business sector is definitely not for everyone. Here are some of the most important personal attributes that any leader must definitely possess in order to be successful in the business world.

The first quality is drive and determination. Determination and the will to succeed is what helps a business leader push on, regardless of the hardships he or she may encounter. Another personal attribute needed to achieve success is a positive attitude. Avoiding tough situations is not a good idea as great opportunities are not always presented on a silver platter. So a can-do attitude is a must for a leader because leaders have to take advantage of all the situations they encounter. There are numerous stresses in the business world which never change regardless of the business sector. This stress is constant and being able to handle many different situations is what makes a leader a leader.

A good business leader must be able to stay on top of his game regardless of the levels of stress he will encounter, and because stress is constant in this sector all leaders have to be able to handle this. Last, but definitely no less important than the previous personal qualities, is the business mindset. This is mandatory for any business leader to have. No one is born with the ability to lead others towards success, but it does take a strong personality.

In closing, before deciding to open a business-make sure you do your due diligence, try to have the capital to float you for a year or even two, ensure you have great business mentors and especially, make sure you have the attitude, drive and determination to make your new business a success.

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