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No More Parties

No More Parties!

I recently started a new business venture that I am very excited about, and I wanted to share it with all of my family and friends first.

I seriously never thought that I would get involved with another MLM* (after a brief and unsuccessful stint with a well-known cosmetics company, I was ready to give up,) but I have come across a team and a marketing system that doesn’t require me to make a list of my friends and family or go out knocking on doors to get people into my business.  What this means is I will not be calling any of you to purchase my new products.  However, considering how big this opportunity is, I don’t want any of you to come back to me and say, “Why didn’t you tell me about this??”

As you can tell, I am excited!  If this sounds at all intriguing to you just click on the link below to see the business presentation and get more information.

So if you are interested, just send me a quick email, facebook message, or give me a ring. You can also check out my new website, and fill in your information. I work with an extremely motivated and knowledgeable team, and you will be learning so many successful methods of marketing while building your business. I will also be detailing the everyday ins and outs of my business on this blog, so feel free to check back as often as you’d like.

Hope to hear from you soon!

*What is an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) Company?

An MLM (Multi Level Marketing) company “starts” by recruiting one person who gets customers and recruits sales reps (just as above in the traditional company). But each sales rep is also given the option to become a manager, who can also recruit sales reps. The MLM company only pays commissions, not salaries; therefore, there are no limitations on the number of sales reps or managers an MLM company can recruit. This is beneficial to the company because of rapid expansion by the number of trained sales reps. This is also beneficial to the sales reps because their income isn’t limited to only what they can sell – they can also earn commissions for having trained other sales reps.

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Working at Home vs Working in an Office

Me out of the office doing a trade show

Working a trade show in New York

I am faced with an enviable dilemma, I imagine.

I can conceivably work from home if I wanted.

 I do have an office space in Downtown Los Angeles and could work there as well.  Previously, I have always preferred to work in an office setting however, I took a workday off recently and was surprised that I did not want to rush back to the office as I had previously always done.  So, attempting to be efficient, I thought I should make a list of the pros and cons of working in an office:


When working in an office, often times I am distracted by office gossip.  That could blow a whole morning of productive work depending on the juiciness of the gossip!  I am putting this under the pro-section as I consider gossip a form of entertainment. Come on, it is!

Secondly, if I were to work alone, the prospect of having an office crush a la Don Draper would be nil.  Save for the occasional appearance by the postman, I would have to resign myself that the only views I would see would be the ones on my computer monitor. 

Thirdly, I like the office environment for the so-called team aspect-I like bouncing my ideas off of other people.  Well, I guess I can do that in our modern age through texting and IM’ing my newfound online community but gosh, sometimes I just prefer to present my ideas face to face with the occasional hand gestures thrown in.  Lately, as everything is becoming increasingly technologically based, I am worried about Carpel Tunnel Syndrome….I know I cannot be the only person who worries about these things. Back to my list…have I  mentioned staying on task yet?

Sticking to a schedule, save for the late breaking gossip alerts, is fairly easy to do at an office especially if you have a boss looking over your shoulder every couple of hours.  And let’s face it-an office is a social place.  In these modern times, our social circles revolve around three groups more or less-work friends, non-work friends such as college pals and family.


If I were to work from home, I think I would have a difficult time sticking to my schedule.  A normal morning could look like this:  Breakfast and cruising the news sites such as, Yahoo etc while enjoying a leisurely cup of coffee, followed by Regis and Kelly, The View, mid-morning snack and then I finally would hit it hard (uh, working) for about 2 hours. After that,  it would be time for Oprah, Wendy Williams and then Ellen!

Another strong pro for working at home would not having to pay out close to $50/week for lunches. I was never the girl who brown-bagged it. Too much work to just get out the door sometimes and forget about making a sandwich on top of everything else. I was always making sure I looked fantastic for the office.  I would routinely spend $7/day plus an afternoon latte $3=10 so $50 a week.  If I were to work from home, I would just stroll over to my fridge and eat whatever was there. 

Casual Friday-I would not have to worry about interpreting this crazy work mandate.  If you routinely read my posts, you will know I am a fan of formal attire for the workplace. When I did have a corporate job, I wore suits and heels every day to work. I can wear flip flops on the weekends or at my new job at home. Or I can just wear my slippers instead.

Besides not having to deal with a demanding boss (the same boss who made sure I kept my deadlines) and inter-office politics, I would be able to set the office climate. For all of those of you who always have a cardigan in your possession-you know I am talking to you.  This in itself is a major pro!

So, as for a decision of working at home versus working in an office, it really depends on two key factors.  They are being focused and being able to stick to a schedule. If you can accomplish both of these things, you can work in any environment. As for me, I will continue to go between both work spaces  until…..

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Trying on a messenger bag for size

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Working Moms: Tips for Juggling it All


For six years, I was the co-owner of a successful multi-million dollar fashion company. I had a young toddler at home and would travel over 100,000 miles each year running and expanding our business.  There were many days I felt that I was scarring my son by working but I had no other choice but to work.  Often times, many of the roles that women embody cannot be delegated out.  In my case, I could not entrust the details and negotiation efforts to a subordinate. Even if you do not run a company, as mothers we all have many jobs that we must struggle with day to day.  By reading this article, hopefully you will be able to recognize the signs that you are doing too much. I will give you proven tips and strategies that you can implement immediately to help you focus on spending time with your family and to stop worrying about the busy tasks that fill our days.

Are you one of those moms who take on too many school projects only to wonder afterwards-What possessed me to do that? Or, are you one of those moms who put their health and mental well-being on the back burner while shuffling the children to appointment after appointment?  Or are you a mom who works 10+ hours a day leaving while the children are still asleep and returning well after dinnertime?  Regardless of what your personal situation is, many mothers take on way too much. I am entirely guilty of this myself-When is enough  enough?  Personally, I am so busy each and every day but if you were to call me and ask me to bake cookies for a fund-raiser, I would be the first one to volunteer. I think as women we are hard-wired to multi-task, unlike our male counterparts! While contemplating writing this article, I came up with a few ideas of how I was able to gain some normalcy back in my life by lessening my load. 

1)      Relinquish control of certain situations.

 If the laundry is not done every day, it is ok! Personally, I only like to do the laundry once a week or so and even then, I may only do 1 or 2 loads and not spend the entire day chained to the washer and dryer.  Additionally, when I feel my temperature rising because something is not done the way I like it to be done or in the timeline I like, I take a breather and ask myself if I really want to get upset about something so trivial.

2)      Ask for help. 

There was a time when I was extremely busy in my life that I hired a personal assistant.  She did things like pick up my dry cleaning, arrange for my car to be washed, communicated with my housekeeper and gardener. She did everything I did not want to do.  I could very well pick up my own dry cleaning, but I preferred not to.  This was pretty luxurious and not everybody has the budget or the desire to delegate these tasks out.  But, there are people who organize closets for a living or are personal assistants. Ask around your community or school and see if you can do a trade.  I would always trade products for services or services for services.  Perhaps you own sell insurance for a living—could you get a deal for the cleaning women who doesn’t have insurance? Or if you work in the beauty industry, could you trade your services with a personal assistant a couple of times a week.  ASK! I always ask for whatever I need. I just put the word out into my network and I always get responses.

3)      Invest in a Blackberry or an Iphone.

I find these PDA’s essential for today’s businesswomen. Whenever I have downtime, I am always reading emails or articles on my blackberry.  Every once in a while, I do put it away and enjoy the scenery but I find I can be very efficient by reading that handheld device whenever I am unexpectedly delayed.

4)      Create support groups at school for carpooling or just unexpected situations where you cannot be two places at once. 

There are always moms who appear juggle everything and appear to be cool as cucumbers-ask them what their secret is.

5)      Check out the following websites—


We all know as women we are programmed to do too much. The trick is to try to eliminate some of the things in our lives that we do not need to accomplish that day-to simplify.  The bottom line is that our children are only young once. Live in the moment. On days when I want to pull my hair out, I remind myself that in a few years they will be in school and will be embarrassed to hold my hand or they will not want me to pick out their outfits and kiss their boo boos.  I then re-evaluate my day and ask myself if I really need to go and finish that mundane task or if I can take some time and spend with my children. 


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