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I have been meaning to write about this since I moved to Malibu three weeks ago. God, I love it here! I can see why people do not move. Yes, it is a trek to get here but honestly, I am so zenned-out while driving that it doesn’t bother me. My drive in the morning is seriously over 1 hour. 25 minutes to drop Owen at school in the Pacific Palisades and then another half hour or so to downtown. But when I see the sunlight emmerging over the water as I coast down PCH, I think how lucky I am! I am lucky to live in California and even more lucky to live in Malibu! I am lucky to have an amazing family and feel very blessed that I was able to move up here. 

My next move is to hopefully buy my dream house here in Malibu. I found my spiritual home.  Being an Aquarius, one would have thought I would have stumbled upon this place years ago….

Am posting a couple shots below…I tried to take one shot while driving down PCH…it was a miracle I didn’t hit the median. The below shots are good-it is what I get to see every day.



images 2


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Hello world!

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